Why were there men with guns in Old Market Square this morning?

Austen Blakemore Photography

Austen Blakemore Photography

Last weekend was the first action shot we took part in for feature film heart of chaos all set within Nottingham. The shoot went well and we managed to capture some stunning establishing shots of old market square and the bike chase itself. full story from Nottingham post featured below.

If you were walking through Old Market Square this morning and saw men with guns running around – don’t panic, Nottingham is not under attack.

An action film – which saw a man on a motorbike ride into the council house, and men wielding guns – was being shot by a local stuntman who is hoping to raise money for a veterans’ charity.

Adam Collins, who spent six years in the Royal Marines and is now a stuntman, is currently shooting his hostage action film called Heart of Chaos.

The group, made up of local actors and students from Confetti Institute of Creative Technology, were in the square from around 3am to 10am, meaning shocked passers-by were stopping to ask what was happening.

Men could be seen running around the square with guns while a motorcycle drove up the steps of the council house.

Mr Collins, 30, of Wilford, said: “It’s been incredible. They have allowed us to do loads of stuff in the council house so we’ve shot some really good stunts.

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“I was in the Royal Marines for six years and when I left I became a stuntman so that is where the idea came from to write a film. We’ve shot it on absolutely no budget so it’s been amazing to get all this done.

“The support that we’ve had has been absolutely amazing. We’ve had students come down from Confetti to help out and the co-drector, Luke Radford, is a tutor at Confetti. We’ve also been helped out by Trident Security this morning, so it’s been a really community project.

“We’ve had everyone from thespian actors to grime artists get involved.”

The whole of the square was cordoned off during the first part of the filming, but as people began making their way to work, the filming centred on the council house and the cordon was shortened.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said: A City Council spokesman said: “We’re often approached by film-makers who want to use parts of Nottingham as locations, and we were pleased to do what we could to support this local film-maker shooting his first feature film on a low budget.

“As well as making arrangements for some filming inside the Council House, the final scene involved an action sequence in the Old Market Square. It will have been a great experience for the local cast and crew and we wish Mr Collins the best of luck with his film.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said they had no calls from members of the public during the shoot. “The force’s local inspectors were aware of the event and the film’s producers were granted permission by city council and Nottinghamshire Police prior to filming,” he added.

The film is set to be released at the end of 2016.


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